Enriching Lives – Engaging Donors

The support we provide changes lives

The mission of the Herbert and Judy Paige Family Foundation is to help low-income students gain access to high-quality education, to provide food, love and shelter for animals and to ensure low-income seniors have necessary healthcare, transportation, housing and food.  During their lifetimes, Herbert and Judy Paige were passionate about supporting their local animal shelter, and helped struggling senior citizens to pay their bills. They also generously offered scholarships to young citizens in their community who were unable to afford the costs of a college education. Herb and Judy created the Paige Family Foundation with the strong belief that, “the education of youth is the most efficient and effective method of improving the welfare, condition, and future of all communities, citizens and families. The basis of all human improvement begins with education.” This ideal drives our educational mission today.

The Herbert and Judy Paige Family Foundation provides financial support to three main areas of philanthropy:
“Receiving your scholarship was a great honor for me. It was not just receiving money for me; it made me feel I am seen as having potential for the future of our society.”     – Homoud