Financial Summary

The Paige Foundation has had a $5.035 million dollar impact on our nonprofit community since 2000.

The Foundation has invested over $2.585 million dollars into the community since its incorporation in 2000. Since 2021, our fundraising consulting helped raise an additional $2.1 million for our nonprofit partners through increased donations from the community.


Donated in 2022 to Support Students


Donated in 2022 to Support Pet Owners


Donated in 2022 to Support Older Adults


$2.1 million
Helped Raise for our Nonprofit Partners


Photo courtesy of Colorado Uplift

Herb and Judy created the Paige Family Foundation with the strong belief that, “The basis of all human improvement begins with education.” This ideal drives our education mission today.

In 2022, the Foundation donated $208,000 to support students.

The Foundation grants K-12 youth from marginalized communities’ access to high-quality education. The programs we fund provide opportunities to break the cycle of poverty though social emotional education, summer programs, mentoring and tuition towards college. The Paige Foundation also provides need-based scholarships for college. Our scholarships enable students to graduate from 2-year and 4-year institutions throughout Colorado. Last year we provided college scholarships to more than 100 students, helping them to achieve their educational dreams!


Sylvia hugs Ted, the dog. Ted was a gift to Sylvia from her children to emotionally support her as she battles cancer. Thanks to San Diego Humane Society, Sylvia was able to receive medical care for Ted’s broken leg.

In 2022, the Foundation donated $30,000 to support animals.

Our grant to San Diego Humane Society’s comprehensive Community Support Services program helps low-income individuals by providing essential resources including: pet food, veterinary assistance, and community outreach. The program bridges the gap between human services and animal welfare by keeping pets in loving homes with their owners.


Photo courtesy of TRU Community Care

In 2022, the Foundation donated $47,450 to support low-income older adults. This funding is helping them gain access to healthcare, companionship, and transportation.

The Paige Foundation provided $20,000 to TRU Community Care in Colorado and $22,450 to St. Paul’s Program of All- Inclusive Care for the Elderly (P.A.C.E.) in California to support critical dementia training for staff. Both programs serve the social, medical, emotional, and psychological needs of the Medicare/Medicaid qualified population.
The Paige Foundation provided VIA Mobility Services a $5,000 grant  support transportation.

All of the older adult programs that the Paige Foundation supports work to enable adults of modest means to age safely in their own homes.


Photo courtesy of Denver Scholarship Foundation.

Since 2021, our fundraising consulting has helped raise $2.1 million for our nonprofit partners. We leverage our expertise to strengthen our nonprofit partners’ fundraising and help them have a more robust impact on the community through our personalized one-on-one consulting and fundraising classes.

“A large part of our fundraising success on Colorado Gives Day is attributed to the  Foundation’s review, advice, and engagement. We doubled our day from 2021 and again, we’re very grateful for the help and engagement.” -Brian Stamer, Chief Operating Officer, Colorado Uplift

Nonprofit Champion: Denver Scholarship Foundation makes college possible by collaborating with Denver Public Schools high school students, families, and partners statewide to increase access and completion of post-high school learning and expand generational exposure to career and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The Paige Foundation evaluates, monitors and fosters relationships with our non-profit partners.  We create meaningful ways for individuals and families to engage and we continue to be a catalyst for donations and volunteers.

Due to the generosity of the Paige’s initial endowment, 100% of donations directly support services provided by local non-profit charities.  Please join the Paige Family Foundation in making the world a better place.

If you are interested in supporting our non-profit community please make a donation to the Paige Family Foundation today. The Paige Family Foundation can accept donations from individuals and businesses. All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of your donation will directly impact our non-profit community.

Help Us Expand Our Impact

The Paige Foundation improves lives! The Foundation awards scholarships to students from marginalized communities, provides support for shelter animals, and enriches the lives of low-income older adults.

The Paige Foundation can accept donations from individuals and businesses or help you create a Donor Advised Fund, volunteer or introduce you to the charities we support. Please contact Sunny Justice, Executive Director and Chief Development Officer.