Financial Summary

Since inception the Foundation has donated over $1.3 million dollars to support our mission.  In 2019, the Foundation contributed nearly $254,000 to non-profit organizations, as well as facilitating a $1.5 million dollar PACE program organizational funding loan.

We continue to be a catalyst for donations and volunteers.  Last year we helped raise over $52,000 for our non-profit partners. Additionally our matching grants enabled the non-profits we support to raise significantly more than they’ve raised previously on Colorado Gives Day.  Our fundraising efforts allow us to have an even bigger impact in our community.

The Paige Foundation evaluates, monitors and fosters relationships with all of the non-profits we partner with.  We also create meaningful ways for individuals and families to engage with non-profits.  Due to the generosity of the Paige’s initial endowment which supports organization costs, one hundred percent of new contributions are allocated to directly support services provided by local non-profit charities.

The Foundation plans to increase our support for education and senior organizations going forward. We continue to research additional non-profit organizations to evaluate future charitable partnerships. As stewards of the Paige Family Foundation generosity, we continue to ensure that our goals for the Foundation are aligned with our mission and provide the best possible support for deserving populations. With the support of our donors, we will be able to have an even bigger impact on our community in the future.

Please join the Paige Family Foundation in making the world a better place. If you are interested in supporting our non-profit community please make a donation to the Paige Family Foundation today. The Paige Family Foundation can accept donations from individuals and businesses. All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of your donation will directly impact our non-profit community.


Total Revenue             $463,259


Program Services       $419,362
Administration            $65,949
Total Expenses            $485,311

Fund Balance                                        $7,359,580
Donor Advised Fund Balance      $1,204,834
TOTAL FUNDS                                     $8,564,414