Herbert & Judy Paige

Herbert and Judy Paige both grew up in modest, working class communities in New York City. Thanks to a football scholarship, Herb was able to attend the College of William and Mary where he received his degree in business administration, and studied under professors he considered mentors. Herb was exposed to many new educational experiences and ways of thinking, all of which helped him to develop the skills for lifelong success. The opportunity to attend college in Virginia, made possible by the scholarship, greatly impacted Herb for the rest of his life. He was always grateful that someone believed in his potential, and he carried with him the knowledge that schooling was the key to opened opportunities. Both he and Judy firmly believed that no person should be denied the opportunity for a quality education because of economic disadvantage, and determined to fulfill this mission during their lifetimes and beyond.

After graduating college, Herb’s early career aspirations led him to an executive position with Harman Kardon, a Japanese electronics company, and other business opportunities with Judy’s family. Many considered working for a Japanese company to be a risky move in the post-World War II era, but Herb and Judy understood and appreciated the longer term strategic positioning and global opportunities that were possible from this association, despite short lived contemporary prejudices. This kind of wisdom and foresight ultimately proved to be a defining characteristic of the Paiges in both their business and personal relationships.

Herb and Judy were adventurous souls in work and in play, and loved traveling the world to learn about different cultures and meet new people. From experiencing life in the great American west at dude ranches, to cruises abroad visiting foreign countries, the Paiges were always on the move. Herb and Judy were great animal lovers, adopting dogs and cats in need of a home. Additionally, it was important to them that basic human needs of the elderly were served through their private philanthropic support. Although they lived in various places across the United States, Herb and Judy settled in La Jolla, CA, which they called home until their final days.

The Herbert and Judy Paige Family Foundation provides financial support to three main areas of philanthropy:

• Education
• Older Adults
• Animal Welfare

Herb and Judy created the Paige Family Foundation with the strong belief that, “the education of youth is the most efficient and effective method of improving the welfare, condition, and future of all communities, citizens and families. The basis of all human improvement begins with education.” This ideal drives our educational mission today.